Odell Beckham continues anti-ref rant with bad Stevie Wonder joke

Odell Beckham Jr. is still adamant that the refs are jobbing the New York Giants. Very adamant.

“Everybody knows what’s going on on the field,” Beckham said Wednesday. “Everybody can see it. Stevie Wonder can see it.”

And Beckham didn’t sound like a Stevie Wonder truther, either. That was him doubling down on his complaints from after Sunday’s loss to the Steelers.

What’s amazing about Beckham’s comment on Wednesday is that in almost the same breath he also admitted he shouldn’t have whined about the refereeing in the first place.

“I shouldn’t even have brought it up because it’s always a lose-lose situation bringing something up,” Beckham said. “Either you’re speaking out on it and now you’re trying to defend yourself or the other way around you’re complaining, so either way it goes I should have probably never brought it up.”

And yet somehow he went and complained again. Who knows what he’s going to say next week when he admits he shouldn’t have made the Wonder comment. He might want to throw an apology out to the famous musician while he’s at it.

Odell Beckham is still upset about what he thinks were missed calls in the loss to the Steelers.

Odell Beckham is still upset about what he thinks were missed calls in the loss to the Steelers.

(Justin K. Aller/Getty Images)

After the Giants were smacked around in Pittsburgh, Beckham, unprompted, claimed that the referees had screwed his team and that that crew shouldn’t work Giants games anymore. Surprisingly, the next day head coach Ben McAdoo didn’t come down on his star player for making excuses and criticizing the refs. Instead, he joined Beckham and said he would be sending plenty of plays to the league for review. Beckham said Wednesday that “it doesn’t surprise me” that McAdoo agreed with him and backed him up.

Eli Manning was critical of Beckham on Monday, saying that Beckham needs to learn to be nice to referees to get calls. It sort of sounded like Beckham got the hint from his quarterback but then just couldn’t help himself from reinforcing his point with the Wonder comment.

Beckham was hosed on an offensive pass interference call in the first quarter that should have gone the other way. But that was hardly the first time an official has made a bad call in a football game.

“It’s really irrelevant, nothing’s going to change, no calls are going to be made because of what I say now,” Beckham said. “You’ve just got to keep playing, you know what you’re going against, it’s the Giants vs. everybody and I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

Another criticism of Beckham last week was his ear-to-ear grin when Antonio Brown caught a touchdown against the Giants. The two receivers are friends and Beckham talked up Brown in the week leading into the game.

Odell Beckham dances during stretching drills Wednesday as Giants begin prep for the Cowboys.

Odell Beckham dances during stretching drills Wednesday as Giants begin prep for the Cowboys.

(Julio Cortez/AP)

On Wednesday, Beckham didn’t hide his love for the next star receiver the Giants are facing, Dez Bryant. Bryant, battled a foot injury last year and has been banged up at times this season, caught only one pass for eight yards last time the Giants and Cowboys squared off.

“I wouldn’t expect him to come out here and have one catch for eight yards again. I know that for sure. I’m happy to see that he’s finally getting back to being a little more himself. Coming off a foot injury, it’s a mind thing,”

Beckham said. “I’m just happy to see him out there snagging balls and scoring touchdowns. It’s something that he’s been doing for a very, very long time.”

Beckham said he doesn’t need to speak to Bryant to know his mindset.

“No, it’s just we Scorpios, our mindsets are pretty much the same,” Beckham said. “He’s a friend of mine, like a brother of mine. I don’t even have to ask him. If I were to text him right now and ask him what he’s going to do Sunday, he’ll just say, ‘you already know.’ It’s a hunger thing.

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