Josh Brown mess makes Goodell, Mara look terrible

When the Giants board their plane for London on Thursday, there’s no way they can allow wife beater Josh Brown to make the trip. They must cut him immediately.

The Giants first blew it two months before training camp in 2015 when they found out Brown had been arrested for domestic violence and didn’t cut him. They made it worse when they signed him to a new two-year $4 million contract this past spring instead of moving on when plenty of kickers were available. The screwed up again when they didn’t cut him after the NFL made a mess of another domestic violence investigation and suspended Brown in August for just the first game of the season when it already had enough information to suspend him for the new standard of six games.

This has been a complete failure on so many levels by Roger Goodell and Josh Brown.

New documents detailing Brown’s relationship with Molly Brown are sickening.

Ravens’ Steve Smith slams Josh Brown, NFL over domestic violence

Now Brown has to go. The Giants have no choice. They are no more excuses.

The Giants can’t keep this man who allegedly wrote in a journal — which Molly turned over to police, telling authorities that it was his — “I HAVE Abused my wife.”

He is a disgrace to the organization but if they plan to cut him, it hasn’t happened yet. He was practicing Thursday afternoon.

Brown claimed in August that it was “just a single moment, an act.”

Josh Brown practices with Giants amid latest abuse report

His “moment” was a nightmare for Molly Brown.

Where was the NFL in all this? How is Brown still in the league? The new information, which the league claims it was denied access to before it was reported in the media Wednesday, should force Roger Goodell to suspend Brown again. The league said in a statement Thursday that requests to “obtain any and all evidence and relevant information” from the case were denied “which ultimately limited our ability to fully investigate this matter.”

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, left, talks with New York Giants owner John Mara before an NFL football game between the New York Giants and the Washington Redskins at MetLife Stadium Thursday, Sept. 24, 2015, in East Rutherford, N.J. (AP Photo/Bill Kostroun)

Roger Goodell and John Mara (r.) have fumbled the Josh Brown situation.

(Bill Kostroun/AP)

The NFL is re-opening the case after the release of the new information and further discipline from the league is possible.

The initial investigation now seems so incompetent.

Josh Brown’s field goal can’t erase domestic violence allegations

In finally explaining why Brown was suspended just one game when the domestic violence policy calls for a six-game suspension the league claimed the local authorities in the Seattle area refused to turn over requested documents. The NFL didn’t even specify why Brown was suspended in its initial press release.

Giants co-owner John Mara admitted in August one week after the suspension that the team was aware of the information revealed by the Daily News detailing Molly Brown’s complaints in an incident report, including that Josh Brown had abused her more than 20 times.

Goodell had plenty of ammunition that he could have suspended Brown with at least six games with no one questioning his judgment. And what else did the Giants need to know to get rid of him?

Now, these new documents that came out Wednesday are humiliating to the Giants and the NFL.

Giants Insider: Josh Brown silent, violates NFL’s media policy

One item in particular jumps out.

Brown made the Pro Bowl for the first time in his long career following his excellent 2015 season with the Giants. Brown and Molly have one child together and she has two children from a previous marriage. Brown invited the family to join him at the Pro Bowl, although they would be staying in a different room from Brown.

In the police report released Wednesday, it was written:

“One night, Josh showed up at Molly’s room drunk and was pounding on her door to be let in. Molly refused to let Josh in, and (she) eventually had to call NFL and hotel security. Josh was escorted away from Molly’s room and the NFL ended up having to put Molly and the kids up in a different hotel room where Josh would not know where they were.”

Paterno, alleged woman beaters celebrated as Kaepernick ripped

The NFL can’t claim ignorance as an excuse, as Goodell so eloquently put in during the Bountygate investigation with the Saints. If NFL security was called in and the league had to basically sequester Molly and the kids in another room, were the people in charge of investigating the Brown case not made aware of this?

That would be impossible to believe. So, if Goodell and his people knew that Brown tried to force his way into Molly’s room and was drunk, and it was eight months after he had been arrested for hitting her, how could they just suspend him one game? How could the Giants bring him back?

Goodell and Mara, who are very close, deserve to share the blame. They should have trouble sleeping at night knowing they let Brown off the hook.

There’s something else disturbing about the league’s sorry history of handling domestic violence. Just as players have said they don’t trust the league, Molly Brown feels the same way. That’s why she refused to cooperate when the NFL investigating tried to interview her.

Giants pass on Laremy Tunsil, but have no issues with Josh Brown

“Molly stated that the NFL would only be looking to bury the whole incident and protect Josh,” the report said.

That speaks to the culture created at 345 Park Avenue.

On a document from 2013 signed by Brown, there was a “contract for change” as part of a counseling program he was undergoing. He says, “I have physically, verbally and emotionally abused my wife Molly.”

He said he’s “been a liar for most of my life,” and he wrote that he was molested for several months when he was six years old by a teenager in the neighborhood. He wrote that he began abusing women at the age of seven and that he had an “addiction to porn and to sex.”

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Josh Brown lands on the back page of the Daily News for all the wrong reasons.

Josh Brown lands on the back page of the Daily News for all the wrong reasons.

(New York Daily News)

He wrote “I viewed myself as God basically and she was my slave.”

The Giants should do what they can to provide help, but they no longer should employ him.

“A lot of times there’s a tendency to try to make these cases black and white,” Giants co-owner John Mara said in August. “They are very rarely black and white. You very rarely have a Ray Rice video. There are allegations made, you try to sort through the facts, you try to make an informed decision. That’s what we did.”

There is no ambiguity here. Just a lot of information that speaks to a troubled man who needs help.

Brown kicked the winning field goal in his first game back from suspension to beat the Saints in the second week of the season. When it was mentioned to him that his actions were apparently more than “a single moment, an act,” as he described when he was suspended, he refused to elaborate.

“I have nothing to say about it. Literally nothing,” Brown said. “My family and I have moved on. My concern is my children and that’s it. Everything that I said prior to the day my suspension came out is all I am going to say.”

When he was asked if there was any new message he wanted to add to the female audience, he said, “No. Not one thing.”

The Giants should have a lot to say about Brown now and it won’t take many words. Just bring your playbook, don’t come to the airport and get some help.

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