Holliday’s odd baserunning leads to Sox protest

BOSTON — Matt Holliday‘s bat sent the Yankees and Red Sox into extra innings before the designated hitter’s bizarre baserunning created a lengthy delay in the top of the 11th inning, prompting the Red Sox to play the remainder of Saturday’s game under protest.

With Holliday at first base and none out in the 11th, Jacoby Ellsbury chopped a ball to first baseman Mitch Moreland, who threw to shortstop Xander Bogaerts for a force at second base. Holliday stopped in the baseline and broke back toward first base, sliding feet-first into the bag as Boston attempted to complete a double play.

Bogaerts’ throw clipped Ellsbury in the left leg as Moreland was screened from catching the ball. Ellsbury was ruled safe on a fielder’s choice, which prompted Red Sox manager John Farrell to ask crew chief Gary Cederstrom if there had been interference. The subsequent reviews and explanations took four minutes and 59 seconds before it was ruled that the play stands.

Farrell informed Cederstrom that Boston would protest the ruling, and Cederstrom signaled to the press level as such. The half-inning ended without further incident as Chase Headley and Didi Gregorius both lined out against Red Sox reliever Robby Scott.

Holliday had hit a game-tying homer in the ninth off Craig Kimbrel.

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