Golden State Warriors bench laughs as Curry misses dunk

He should just stick to draining three-pointers.

Golden State Warriors sharpshooter Steph Curry was rejected by the rim on Friday night against the Lakers after attempting to slam one home on a fast break.

Curry initially stole the ball on a bad pass from Lakers guard Jordan Clarkson.

Instead of pulling up from behind the arc or trying a simple layup, Steph decided to try and dunk.

It ended in embarrassment for Curry, as he barely jumped high enough to even make contact with the rim.

Nearly all of his teammates on the Warriors’ bench put their hands over their mouths to stop from openly laughing at the mishap.

Curry himself was even caught on camera after the play laughing.

Adding insult to injury, Curry’s own sister got in on the fun too.

Steph got the last laugh, as the Warriors won, tk-tk.

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