Giants kicker Josh Brown admits he abused wife in alleged journal

Five weeks after Josh Brown returned from his one-game suspension, even more details are emerging about the Giants kicker, including several documents, apparently written by him in a journal, in which he admits to abusing his wife Molly. The Daily News had previously reported that Molly Brown had accused her now ex-husband Josh of being physically violent with her on more than 20 occasions.

In the days following Josh Brown’s May 2015 domestic violence arrest in Woodinville, Wash., Molly Brown turned over emails, documents and journal entries from herself and Josh to the King County Sheriff’s Office.

In an email allegedly written by Josh Brown to his friends that he indicated was part of his treatment, Brown wrote that he “became an abuser and hurt Molly physically, emotionally and verbally.” Brown also wrote that he was molested when he was a just six years old.

In one handwritten journal entry that’s part of the police file Josh Brown is alleged to have written, the bottom of one page reads, “I HAVE Abused my wife.”

Another document, dated March 28, 2013, detailed a “contract for change” by Josh Brown as part of a counseling program. In that contract for change, Brown states, “I have physically, verbally and emotionally abused my wife Molly.” The contract appears on the letterhead of Jerry Price, a marriage counselor in Oregon.

Documents reveal Josh Brown admits to abusing his wife, physically and emotionally.

Documents reveal Josh Brown admits to abusing his wife, physically and emotionally.

(Tom Canavan/AP)

Molly Brown also provided officer Robin L. Ostrum with several photographs as evidence, including images a cracked mirror, which Molly indicated was damaged in April of 2014 when Josh pushed her into it in their bedroom and then threw her on the floor and jumped on top of her. Other photographs appear to show damage to the bathroom door, which Molly alleges occurred in February 2015 when Josh got into an argument with her son and kicked the door in. She indicated that the door was kicked so forcefully that it cracked the door jamb, which is shown in another photograph.

Additionally, Molly provided two photographs of herself which Ostrum indicated showed bruises to her leg. However, on the scans of the photographs obtained by the Daily News it is hard to discern if there is a bruise. Molly Brown alleges that Josh Brown kicked an office chair into her at one point in their relationship while in St. Louis.

All of these new details emerged in the follow-up report by Ostrum, who indicated that the case against Brown has recently been closed. Though charges were never filed against Brown, Ostrum concludes in the report, “After having a formal recorded interview with Molly and several conversations with her afterwards, Molly has clearly detailed a long history of emotional, verbal, financial and physical abuse toward her, and to some degree the children, by Josh.”

In the follow-up report, Ostrum also recounts another more recent allegation by Molly. After Josh was selected to play in the Pro Bowl last year, he wanted his children to come to watch the game. Molly agreed to take them and to go, and said she was assured by Josh that they would have separate hotel rooms.

“One night, Josh showed up at Molly’s room drunk and was pounding on her door to (be) let in,” the report reads. “Molly refused to let Josh in, and eventually had to call NFL and hotel security. Josh was escorted away from Molly’s room and the NFL ended up having to put Molly and the kids up in a different hotel room where Josh would not know where they were.”

The follow-up report also notes that Molly was said she was contacted by someone with the NFL on June 3, 2016, investigating Josh’s arrest from the year prior and that Molly did not wish to speak about the matter.

“Molly stated that the NFL would only be looking to bury this whole incident and protect Josh,” the report reads.

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