A-Rod co-hosts 'Live with Kelly', chats with Cubs' Schwarber

Alex Rodriguez was back in the batter’s box Thursday — well, sort of.

A-Rod co-hosted “Live with Kelly” with star Kelly Ripa and the two took batting practice on the street outside the ABC’s Manhattan studio with Cubs’ star Kyle Schwarber, a guest on the show.

“I told you, I’m retired,” Rodriguez quipped when he took a wild swing at one of Ripa’s pitches. Still, it was clear A-Rod was having fun and his appearance seemed like another strong at-bat, if you will, in his burgeoning broadcasting career.

Rodriguez, who worked on-air with Fox’s coverage of the baseball postseason, was self-deprecating during the show, joking about how his daughters, 11 and 8, mock him for still owning a Blackberry.

“They remind you of two things, how old you are and how uncool you are,” Rodriguez joked.

Much of the talk was about the World Series and the Cubs’ victory, their first championship since 1908. Rodriguez seemed to appreciate covering history, calling it “a great, American, transcendent story.”


Kelly Ripa welcomes A-Rod as her co-host on Thursday.

(David M. Russell/Disney/ABC Home Entertainment)

He talked about how he had dinner with Schwarber during the Fall Classic — the two talked hitting, natch. And when Schwarber talked about the Cubs’ World Series celebration, A-Rod admitted, “I’m still partying from 2009.”

That, of course, is the title he won with the Yankees.

Rodriguez, now an advisor to Hal Steinbrenner, admitted he misses being on the field.

“You’re always going to miss playing,” he said. “I miss the locker room and I miss my four at-bats. But I was so grateful to have a good finish and I thank Hal Steinbrenner for that. I finished in front of my mother, my daughters, the fans of New York. for me, it was a perfect ending.”

He lives in Miami now, but said he still has a New York apartment and the city “is always going to be part of my life.”

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